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Trade and Portfolio Management Reimagined

Vantage is a scalable and robust cloud-hosted solution that supports your team through all phases of trade and portfolio management.

With extensive data warehousing capabilities, custom-built workflows, a powerful compliance engine, and numerous third-party integrations, Vantage is designed to help you focus on what’s important.

Multi-Asset Class

Designed to model any asset class. Extensible data warehousing for assets, trades, portfolios, and other entities. Purpose-built modules, workflows, and metrics. Aggregate key metrics across asset classes.

Screenshot of Vantage with tailored workflows

Tailored Workflows

Streamlined trade pipeline, including manual or automated review and approval. Define multiple strategies for allocation, tax lot selection, and more.

Screenshot of performance metrics

Performance Metrics

Attribute performance to different segments of your portfolios. Slice and dice P&L and identify performance outliers.

Customizable Dashboards

Create custom dashboards to view and understand your risk. Configure any number of dashboards using our ever-growing library of components.

Screenshot of customizable dashboard
Screenshot of compliance


Quickly define restrictions on investable assets, ratings, issuers, and other characteristics. Specify concentration limits using our powerful rules engine. Monitor compliance at trade-time and on an ongoing basis.

Screenshot of operation efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Collaborate in real-time. Updates made by one team member are immediately visible to others in the team. Data on the screen is automatically refreshed.

Screenshot of cash management

Cash Management

View your current cash balances. Understand your future cash positions based on asset cashflow projections.

Screenshot of data integrations

Data Integrations

Integrate with numerous data vendors, pricing sources, fund administrators, etc.

“Valitana is bringing its market leading technology to the OMS/PMS space. Integrate all your workflows into excel – positions, IRR, PnL, compliance tests, hypos – it’s all right there embedded in the excel environment.”

Portfolio Manager, Hedge Fund

“Having used various OMS/PMS systems throughout my career, Vantage stands clearly above the rest in terms of practicality and ease of use. After switching to Vantage from [large OMS/PMS provider], the investment team has all of the tools to assess risk and exposures, while finance, operations and compliance have complete access to ensure back office controls and procedures are met. The Vantage team is always responsive to our needs. It’s extremely rare to have a support team that’s on Bloomberg, always knowledgeable and helpful.”

Portfolio Manager, Hedge Fund


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