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Achieving best execution requires updated market color and integrated analytics. Have them at your fingertips using our solutions.

Real Time View of Positions

View your current holdings and cash positions in real-time. Load past holdings as of any date.

Price / Yield Tables

Project cashflows and run Price / Yield tables with one keystroke, and reprice in fractions of a second. Easily define and utilize custom scenarios that specify deal-level, loan-level, and market assumptions.

Hypo Trade Scenarios

Quickly evaluate portfolio capacities and any restrictions for your trade ideas.

Find Comps Quickly

Why spend time scouring historical BWIC color to find similar securities? Our proprietary similarity algorithm can quickly and easily find comps that have recent price color, and help you triangulate a price in seconds.

More Features

Customizable Dashboards

Create custom dashboards to view and understand your risk allocations. Configure any number of dashboards using our ever-growing library of components.

BWIC Bid Tracking

Use our dynamic bid entry screen to quickly enter bids and keep track of best, cover, third.

Quickly Format BWICs

Quickly format and send one or more BWICs (or bonds) using your own custom formats.

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