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Our products are built to be intuitive, integrated, and customizable. They deliver clear, concise, relevant insights and enable our clients to focus on informed security selection, asset allocation, and risk management.

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Valitana Analytics empowers investment professionals to successfully evaluate US and Euro collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) by leveraging numerous third-party data providers and employing advanced analytical methods.

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Valitana Vantage is a multi-asset class trade and portfolio management platform with custom-built workflows, a powerful compliance engine, and ability to connect with numerous third-party data integrations.

“Valitana has greatly enhanced and stratified our systems by offering a wealth of CLO data that is easily digestible through both a modern web interface and programmatic APIs. The breadth of the options available for analysis, along with the very attentive service and communication from Valitana directly, has greatly benefited our investment process.”

Portfolio Manager, Hedge Fund

“Having used various OMS/PMS systems throughout my career, Vantage stands clearly above the rest in terms of practicality and ease of use. After switching to Vantage from [large OMS/PMS provider], the investment team has all of the tools to assess risk and exposures, while finance, operations and compliance have complete access to ensure back office controls and procedures are met. The Vantage team is always responsive to our needs. It’s extremely rare to have a support team that’s on Bloomberg, always knowledgeable and helpful.”

Portfolio Manager, Hedge Fund

“Valitana helps streamline many of the daily functions a trading desk carries out by putting massive amounts of data into an easily digestible interface. The platform allows us to extract key minerals from the daily firehose of bwics which helps us arm our clients with necessary information needed to properly make CLO investment decisions. The user face and flexibility of the API also enable us to provide bespoke solutions on a daily basis.”

Managing Director, Structured Products, Broker/Dealer

“Valitana adds tremendous value to our CLO investment process. The web portal and excel add-in provide us with functionality we weren’t able to find in other systems, and allows us to quickly analyze large numbers of securities daily.”

Portfolio Manager, Alternative Investments, Asset Manager

“The participants in the CLO market have only been getting more sophisticated, and the market has been growing, with more active investors and collateral managers than ever. Staying ahead in this competitive market, finding the right opportunities, and avoiding land mines takes more than a great team ­─ it requires the best available tools and analytics. Valitana has been indispensable for our team, allowing us to constantly scan the market for opportunities, comps, and relative value trades. I can’t imagine not having Valitana to support me and my team.”

Portfolio Manager, Hedge Fund

“Valitana has been invaluable in helping us quickly and concisely analyze relative deal and manager performance. The resulting customized analytics and research we perform would simply not be possible without it.”

Managing Director, Corporate Advisory, Broker/Dealer

“Valitana is bringing its market leading technology to the OMS/PMS space. Integrate all your workflows into excel – positions, IRR, PnL, compliance tests, hypos – it’s all right there embedded in the excel environment.”

Portfolio Manager, Hedge Fund

“With Valitana, we get top tier analytics out-of-the-box. We could not have built a comparable system if we had years of time and an unlimited IT budget. This gives us an edge when doing in-depth analysis of CLOs.”

Head Trader, Structured Products, Broker/Dealer

“Valitana has changed the game in CLO analytics. Very quick and user-friendly way to examine a particular deal or the market as a whole. I can’t imagine investing in or managing CLOs without Valitana.“

Portfolio Manager, Asset Manager


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Modern investment professionals deserve solutions that deliver precise updated metrics and robust analytics to help generate trade ideas, streamline operations, quantify risk, and attribute performance. Disconnected systems and heavy reliance on spreadsheets can result in inconsistencies and inadvertent slip-ups. See how our integrated solutions can help.

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