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Valitana Analytics
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CLO Analytics Reimagined

Valitana Analytics empowers investment professionals to successfully evaluate US and Euro collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) by leveraging numerous third-party data providers and employing advanced analytical methods.

Valitana Analytics is cloud hosted and can be accessed via web browser, Excel plugin, and programmatic API.

Screenshot of Price/Yield Tables

Price / Yield Tables

Project cashflows and run Price / Yield tables with one keystroke, and reprice in fractions of a second. Easily define and utilize custom scenarios that specify deal-level, loan-level, and market assumptions.

Screenshot of BWIC Parsing

BWIC Parsing

Why review the thousands of messages you receive from dealers weekly? Our proprietary BWIC and Offering parser collates all this information into one convenient place.

Screenshot of finding comps quickly

Find Comps Quickly

Why spend time scouring historical BWIC color to find similar securities? Our proprietary similarity algorithm can quickly and easily find comps that have recent price color, and help you triangulate a price in seconds.

CLO Deal Analysis

Deep dive into the analytics and relative value metrics of any deal. Easily compare multiple deals. Create your own custom analytics using any piece of data available in Valitana. Display historical metrics based on different deal dates and pricing dates.

Additionally, run valuations with an unlimited set of your own custom cashflow projection scenarios where you can specify loan-level assumptions. Quickly run price / yield tables and liquidation NAVs.

Deal Overview
Manager Analysis

Manager Analysis

View aggregate metrics and percentiles across numerous deals for a single manager. View loan exposures based on different bucketed distributions for a set of selected deals. View overlapping collateral between deals, portfolios, or managers. Dive into manager transactions and P&L at the issuer or industry level.

BWICs and Offers

BWIC Bid Tracking

Use our dynamic bid entry screen to quickly enter bids and keep track of best, cover, third.

Portfolio Surveillance

Portfolio Surveillance

Draw insights from aggregate metrics based on your CLO holdings. Quantify obligor and facility exposure by looking through each CLO to the underlying assets.

Format BWICs

Quickly Format BWICs

Quickly format and send one or more BWICs (or bonds) using your own custom formats.

“Valitana helps streamline many of the daily functions a trading desk carries out by putting massive amounts of data into an easily digestible interface. The platform allows us to extract key minerals from the daily firehose of bwics which helps us arm our clients with necessary information needed to properly make CLO investment decisions. The user face and flexibility of the API also enable us to provide bespoke solutions on a daily basis.”

Managing Director, Structured Products, Broker/Dealer

“The participants in the CLO market have only been getting more sophisticated, and the market has been growing, with more active investors and collateral managers than ever. Staying ahead in this competitive market, finding the right opportunities, and avoiding land mines takes more than a great team ­─ it requires the best available tools and analytics. Valitana has been indispensable for our team, allowing us to constantly scan the market for opportunities, comps, and relative value trades. I can’t imagine not having Valitana to support me and my team.”

Portfolio Manager, Hedge Fund

“Valitana adds tremendous value to our CLO investment process. The web portal and excel add-in provide us with functionality we weren’t able to find in other systems, and allows us to quickly analyze large numbers of securities daily.”

Portfolio Manager, Alternative Investments, Asset Manager


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