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Financial reporting requires precise data that's fully auditable. Access relevant data effortlessly using our extensible data warehouse solutions.

Real Time View of Positions

View your current holdings and cash positions in real-time. Load past holdings as of any date.

Data Warehousing

Use Vantage's powerful data warehouse to query current and historical data for assets, trades, portfolios, and other entities.

Shadow Accounting

With the ability to manage trades, tansactions, expenses, tax lots, and other investment data, Vantage enables you to run your own shadow accounting.

More Features

Excel Integration

Take advantage of Excel by using the Vantage Excel plugin to pull in assets, holdings, trades, and other data warehoused in Vantage.

Performance Metrics

Attribute performance to different segments of your portfolios. Slice and dice P&L and identify performance outliers.

Audit & Security

Changes to client data are tracked and easily traceable. Data is encrypted in Vantage and always transmitted using the latest security protocols.

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