Business Role

Portfolio Manager

Managing risk and delivering alpha requires seeing the big picture without losing sight of key details. Clarify your vision using our solutions.

Customizable Dashboards

Create custom dashboards to view and understand your risk allocations. Configure any number of dashboards using our ever-growing library of components.

Real Time View of Positions

View your current holdings and cash positions in real-time. Load past holdings as of any date.

Portfolio Surveillance

Draw insights from aggregate metrics based on your CLO holdings. Quantify obligor and facility exposure by looking through each CLO to the underlying assets.

Performance Metrics

Attribute performance to different segments of your portfolios. Slice and dice P&L and identify performance outliers.

More Features

Cash Management

View your current cash balances. Understand your future cash positions based on asset cashflow projections.

CLO Deal Analysis

Dive into the analytics and relative value metrics of any specific deal. Run valuations and liquidation NAVs. View distributions of collateral across various fields.


Quickly define restrictions on investable assets, ratings, issuers, and other characteristics. Specify concentration limits using our powerful rules engine. Monitor compliance at trade-time and on an ongoing basis.

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