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It's competitive out there. Our solutions quickly find comparable securities, automatically track market color, and help match buyers and sellers. Streamline your process with Valitana and execute better.

Match Buyers and Sellers

Quickly determine buyers and sellers of CLO bonds you might be looking to trade.

Price / Yield Tables

Project cashflows and run Price / Yield tables with one keystroke, and reprice in fractions of a second. Easily define and utilize custom scenarios that specify deal-level, loan-level, and market assumptions.

Find Comps Quickly

Why spend time scouring historical BWIC color to find similar securities? Our proprietary similarity algorithm can quickly and easily find comps that have recent price color, and help you triangulate a price in seconds.

Send BWICs Quickly

Parse your BWICs into one convenient place. Quickly copy a BWIC in a format of your choice and send quickly to your clients.

BWIC Bid Tracking

Use our dynamic bid entry screen to quickly enter bids and keep track of best, cover, third.

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