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Generating profitable trade ideas and avoiding landmines requires focus on intricate details. See them clearly using our solutions.

Trade Ideas

Quickly evaluate trade ideas using our powerful hypothetical trade and compliance modules

CLO Deal Analysis

Dive into the analytics and relative value metrics of any specific deal. Run valuations and liquidation NAVs. View distributions of collateral across various fields.

CLO Manager Analysis

View aggregate metrics across numerous deals for managers and compare their performance. View their exposures, transactions, and P&L by assets and issuers.

Excel Integration

Take advantage of Excel by using the Vantage Excel plugin to pull in assets, holdings, trades, and other data warehoused in Vantage.

More Features

Investment Pipeline

Track and monitor your investment pipeline for due diligence purposes. Create custom workflows for evaluating potential investments, including multi-level review and approval steps.

Performance Metrics

Attribute performance to different segments of your portfolios. Slice and dice P&L and identify performance outliers.

CLO Cashflow Projections

Create an unlimited number of custom scenarios, with varying prepayment, loss, reinvestment, loan-level, and refi assumptions. For even more flexibility, utilize custom variables and functions as inputs.

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