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CLO Investor

Whether you invest CLO debt or equity, our customizable platform will help make sense of market color, determine relative value, and perform complex scenario analysis with ease.

Deal Analysis

Deep dive into the analytics and relative value metrics of any specific deal. Run valuations and liquidation NAVs. View distributions of collateral across various fields.

Cash Management

View your current cash balances. Understand your future cash positions based on asset cashflow projections.

Market Intelligence

Parse your incoming BWIC messages and Offers into one convenient place. Create any sorted, filtered, or highlighted view you might need on any number of standard or custom metrics.

More Features

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Portfolio Surveillance

Draw insights from aggregate metrics based on your CLO holdings. Quantify obligor and facility exposure by looking through each CLO to the underlying assets.

CLO Manager Analysis

View aggregate metrics across numerous deals for managers and compare their performance. View their exposures, transactions, and P&L by assets and issuers.

Deal Universe

Choose a cohort and display all deals, tranches, triggers, or managers that are part of your selected cohort.

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