Business Role


Operating effectively in complex markets requires your team to run like a well-oiled machine. Decrease friction and increase velocity with our solutions.

Operational Efficiency

Collaborate in real-time. Updates made by one team member are immediately visible to others in the team. Data on the screen is automatically refreshed.

Tailored Workflows

Customizable pipelines for trades and investments, with multi-level reviews and manual or automated approvals.


Automatically run compliance rules as part of the trade workflow. Determine instantly whether a trade has passed compliance rules.

Excel Integration

Take advantage of Excel by using the Vantage Excel plugin to pull in assets, holdings, trades, and other data warehoused in Vantage.

More Features

Reporting Feeds

Create reporting feeds to counterparties, custodians, fund administrators, and other parties.

Data Warehousing

Extensive data warehousing for assets, trades, portfolios, and other entities. Create any number of user-defined extension fields.

Data Integrations

Integrate with numerous data vendors, pricing sources, fund administrators, etc.

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